Think Big. Go Small.

Being "small" allows us to get to know our customer. We understand and care about your needs - we know what you want and meet your expectations with customized solutions, prompt service and in depth subject matter expertise and knowledge.

About Us

CSI is a proven premier privately-owned software developer and systems integrator committed to serving the people in the land records marketplace. When coming up with and implementing new ideas, customers want their software company to be accessible, nimble and capable. As a privately-owned, accessible, nimble company, CSI has been a leading software developer since 1986. CSI is your long-term, personalized Main Street vs impersonal Wall Street option that can make quick decisions rather than having to maneuver through layers of corporate bureaucracy. As a Main Street vs Wall Street company, CSI naturally has a closer personal relationship to its customers.

CSI takes the long view and as a software developer, we actually enhance our software and do not have to resort to Wall Street acquisitions to gain market share or to improve our software offering. At CSI, we also know that many systems fail because they have been designed to be “sold” rather than be “used.” Even a “technically superior” system is destined to flounder if not fail unless the system is designed and supported by knowledgeable and motivated personnel who thoroughly understand the technical requirements, and more importantly, understand and care about the end users’ responsibilities and requirements. This is why a friendly, motivated CSI Team supports our systems with high levels of technical skill — and just as important — with over four decades of subject matter expertise.

CSI is a privately owned and operated company that is financially secure and debt-free, with a solid foundation for expanding its solutions nationwide.
Our Mission and Values

CSI’s Mission is to promote and foster an atmosphere and culture that will respect and value our customers and each employee and to encourage their ideas and suggestions in order to earn a reputation worthy of being a lifetime partner in the innovative development and support of land records management solutions.

"There is no failure except in no longer trying. There is no defeat except from within, no really insurmountable barrier save our own inherent weakness of purpose."
- Kim Hubbard

The story of CSI is one where a commitment to excellence governs all we do. Where customer satisfaction means dedication to Customer, to Service and to Individuals. For over three decades, CSI has been a leading force in providing solutions for judicial and land records agencies, with a series of “firsts” within its home state of Indiana, including:


First with electronic Court Notification System


First with fully integrated online payment of traffic citations


First with criminal e-filing with prosecutor and law enforcement


First with fully integrated, state approved document imaging system


First to initiate e-filing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles & Department of Revenue


First to post public court information on the Internet via the secure Doxpop™ system


First to introduce trial court case management software

Servant Leadership Matters

At most firms, the term “Leadership” refers only to the C-Suite. At CSI, it refers to a culture and the spirit of commitment to people. CSI team members have proven themselves to be innovative, passionate and thoughtful servant leaders within the records management industry. Our team combines exceptional technical skills with subject matter expertise honed over four decades. It is this culture of commitment and support to people that ensures that excellence governs all we do.

The CSI team has the expertise and capacity to design and implement large systems with hundreds of users, yet also has the personalized dedication to create solutions for organizations with only a handful of users. Partnerships with leading companies like Dell/EMC, IBM, HP, RedHat and Microsoft provide technical resources that enable the CSI team to concentrate their subject matter expertise to provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Superior Customer Support

At the heart of the CSI mission is a commitment to “earn a reputation worthy of being a lifetime partner.” That mission requires providing the best software, hardware and systems solutions as well as superior on-going customer support.

When partnering with CSI, you can be assured of having a friendly, expert partner — not only at the time of sale, but throughout the lifetime of your system. With CSI, our commitment to excellence truly does govern all things, especially our customer relationships.

Unlimited toll-free telephone support

Secure remote desktop access

Fixed-cost no end of life cycle software support agreement (CSI solutions)

Fixed-cost system support agreement (computer network and disaster recovery)

Fixed-cost hardware maintenance agreement (computer equipment and loaner equipment)

Product Support

Invest in CSI software and professional services, and you’re not just investing in products – you’re investing in a partnership. Our expert and friendly technical and support staff are always personally available when you call. And with CSI, as long as you have CSI’s fixed-cost support agreement, you never have to pay for CSI product upgrades. CSI — where excellence really does govern all.

800-860-1CSI (1274)

Your One Source Solutions Provider

CSI is your one source solutions provider. Complete customer satisfaction in computer systems, whether for the public or private sector, relies on flawless planning and implementation of all elements, including software, hardware and systems integration.

Software Solutions

CSI’s approach to software development is based on three key elements: outstanding people, open, non-proprietary, state-of-the-art tools and customer input.

The CSI team includes certified programming and technical support personnel equipped with the best non-proprietary software development tools and industry-compliant systems. CSI harnesses the power of Open Source software like Linux and PostgreSQL, and also uses modern, general-purpose project-oriented programming tools, to create products that are flexible, scalable and cost effective. Unique to CSI’s development efforts, and for our “heads down” power users, we can also provide single-keystroke menu navigation versus time-consuming mouse clicking.

The ultimate key to our success is personally listening to our customers and incorporating their ideas into software solutions. CSI does not create in a vacuum or out of its own technical theories. We conduct annual user group meetings and encourage daily feedback to develop real world solutions designed to be “used” not just “sold.”

A relentless pursuit of excellence governs the development and implementation for all of our software solutions, including:

Virtual Systems

Microsoft and Linux operating systems and database

Data replication and backup

Disaster planning and recovery

Anti-virus and firewall

Document management solutions

Internet access

Communications: email servers

Storage and resource management

Imaging solutions

Hardware Solutions

We provide hardware solutions for government and business.

Servers, desktops, scanners and printers

Networking, VPN and firewall

Cloud storage management

Scanning solutions

Systems Integration Solutions

The CSI expertise with systems integration makes implementing and using computer systems easier and more productive for government agencies, businesses and the people they serve.

From five-user networks to large hundred-user WAN systems, CSI creates turnkey systems for customers with a wide array of needs and operating requirements. We partner with companies like Dell EMC, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, allowing us to provide non-proprietary computer systems designed to optimize user productivity and maximize ROI.

Consulting, system planning - future growth

Hardware and software products and recommendations

Fixed-cost hardware service and support with loaner equipment

Fixed-cost network system support agreements


Customer Satisfaction Speaks for Itself

If you want to know who has the best real-world computer systems and software for the public sector, talk to the experts: the officials who use CSI’s product solutions. At CSI, we’re proud of our reputation for customer satisfaction, and are more than happy to let our customers speak on our behalf:

Jennifer Hayden

Hamilton County Recorder - Chief Deputy

CSI and their staff are great listeners and problem solvers. They are excited and passionate about their product and stand true to their word and follow through! They went above and beyond to help make my job easier. They really care and want us to be comfortable with every aspect of the CSI products. They were so patient and encouraging to ALL of my employees throughout the entire training process. I truthfully can't think of a weak point.

Tami Hines

Bartholomew County Clerk

I just wanted to let you know that we have been very satisfied with the implementation of the credit card process. From the installation to date all has gone according to plan and we have not had any issues. All of our deposits have been received in a timely matter. We would gladly endorse CSIs credit card process to other counties! Thank you for hearing our request and meeting our needs as ALWAYS your office is a joy to work with! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Brandon Krause

Bay County Register of Deeds

Need testimonial

Ruth Nutty

Fayette County Recorder

Need testimonial

Donna Schroeder

Dubois County Recorder

We appreciate how CSI has been there for us when we have questions - whether it is in your car, at another site, or at the office.

Debbie Tiemann

Wayne County Recorder

CSI has shown that they are truly committed to having the best solution available to Recorders. Their willingness to make changes and their flexibility of their software ensure us we made the best decision for both our current and future needs.

Kathy Traughber

Montgomery County Recorder

We are so glad that we made the switch to CSI. From the first time we met John Wood, we knew that we were going to make the change. From IT to customer service, they made our conversion so easy. We saved money and time while stepping up into the future. CSI, we thank you.

Deborah A. Wright

Kosciusko County Recorder

Aside from the quality of the product, we are impressed with the company from the owner all the way down to the administrative staff. Everyone is involved, knowledgeable and shows a genuine interest in your best interest. They are so responsive to us, that they ask us for any ideas we have to help them have the best product available. Add to that, the savings versus our previous system, and you earn loyal customers!

“Our Reputation Is Only As Good As Our Customer’s Satisfaction”
Our Partners

It goes without saying we couldn't do it without our partners.